NightCry finally hits PlayStation Vita next week

Rather like those mugs you could find Horizon Zero Dawn the PlayStation Vita is now a relic of a bygone age, but if you can find yours in the back of the cupboard then good news, there’s a new game for it!

NightCry was meant to be out last year and was released on PC way back in 2016, but it is, at last, finally landing on PS Vita five years after it was Kickstarted. Directed by Hifumi Kono the game is seen as a spiritual successor o the Clock Tower series, which was also created by Kono.


The game is a horror survival title set on cruise ship and features a ghostly spirit with a massive pair of scissors who is intent on being very stabby and murderous.

NightCry lands on PlayStation Vita on January 31st.

Source: YouTube

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