Anthem will launch with a “long list of updates and improvements”

The second week on Anthem’s demo went rather more smoothly than the previous week’s VIP demo but that’s not to say there weren’t problems, many of which will be fixed by the time the game launches. Bioware’s Head of Live Service, Chad Robertson, posted a blog noting that “the launch version of the game has a long list of updates and improvements that were not in the demo builds”.

The frame rate was rather iffy depending on what console you were playing on, obviously the X and Pro performed better but curiously the PS4 Pro version had an uncapped frame rate allowing to occasionally exceed 30fps. According to Ben Irving, Lead Producer on Anthem, this will be locked at launch so hopefully performance on the Xbox One S, which dipped to the low 20s, has been improved.

Other tweaks will include weapons balancing, sprinting in Fort Tarsis, and more visibility underwater.

Bioware have also clarified a few points regarding the game economy as the demo seemed to lock off some items behind a paywall. All cosmetic items can be earned just by playing and you won’t be able to buy crafting materials for real money.

Source: Bioware / Twitter / Digital Foundry

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