Move or Die’s developers are rather honest about missing release dates on PS4

Party game Move or Die was announced for PlayStation 4 way back in 2016 with a release date of the following year. The game never materialised and the date was revised until 2018, but you can guess what happened.

We’re now promised the game will absolutely, definitely be out on Sony’s console on March 5th. The upside of the delay is that the PS4 version is going to come with all the previously released content.


The USP for Move or Die is that mechanics change every twenty seconds and as you can play with up to four players locally or online, this can lead to some tense moments with your friends. The game has the tagline ‘Ruin some friendships!’ so I would suggest you don’t this with your partner, although if you find the sofa a comfortable place to sleep then go right ahead and challenge the missus.

Source: YouTube

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