Giant Ghost PSVR gets physical, Sairento PSVR gets a release date

Two bits of news for those of you lucky enough to own one of Sony’s fancy hats, the PlayStation VR. Aldric, one of the developers of Sairento VR, has posted on Reddit that they have “more or less fixed a date” for the release on the game on PSVR and it’s going to be 3rd May 2019.

It appears the game was delayed for a number of reasons, the team are trying to get it on par with the PC release but Sony have also been involved ensuring the game is comfortable to play.


“For an action-packed game like Sairento, you can imagine there has been quite of a bit of back and forth over certain (and note : entirely optional!) features like backflips, somersaults, and power sliding,” posted Aldric, “We believe these are unique mechanics that really serve to convey the experience of being a killer cyber ninja, and we definitely want to retain these features as close to the PC version as possible.”

In other PlayStation VR news, Zoink Games have announced that Ghost Giant will be getting a physical release in the EU, alongside the digital version, when it launches a this Spring.

Source: Press release / Reddit

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