No major releases from Blizzard this year, but Call of Duty 2019 will have a single player campaign

Overwatch developers Blizzard will not be releasing a major game this year so if you were hoping for a new Diablo then you’re out of luck. On the brighter side we won’t be seeing the mobile title Diablo Immortal in 2019 either, so we’ve got at least eleven months free from annoyed fans.

News of the lack of Blizzard games comes from an Activision earnings call which also revealed this years Call of Duty will be “rooted in the franchise’s history,” with rumours suggesting it might be Modern Warfare 4. The game is being developed by Infinity Ward and they have confirmed there will be a single player campaign.

Yesterday the company announced huge job cuts with CEO Bobby Kotick stating they are refocusing on live services and esports. Of course to have live services and esports you need hit games, and as the incredible popularity of Apex legends has shown people can move on to another game very quickly, and Activision have very few titles to play with.

Source: Variety / Dualshockers

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