Extra Tetris 99 game modes discovered by dataminers

During Wednesday’s Direct, Nintendo teased that Tetris 99 – the bizarrely good Tetris and Battle Royale mashup – wouldn’t be a static game, doomed to repeat its block-dropping battles ad infinitum. That main mode will always be there, but it will also be joined by different game modes and events looking to mix things up every once in a while.

It didn’t take long for dataminers LovemealDome and Simonx22 to dig into the game’s files and uncover what some of those modes will be. Team Battle is pretty self explanatory, as two teams face off in a battle for supremacy, while COM Battle drops you into a match with 98 bots, or with a Team Battle option. Lastly, Marathon is a score attack, either to 200 lines or endless, and though it’s not clear, it seems that this will be a solo mode with achievements.


Some interesting things are clearly afoot with this Switch Online exclusive and we’re looking forward to seeing what Nintendo have in store.

Source: Twitter

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