Dataminers uncover new game modes for Apex Legends

Those tricksy PC dataminers have been at it again but this time rather than ripping apart the code for Fortnite they have been looking the game of the moment, Apex Legends.

The have found references to a new mode called ‘Survival’ which will include other players as NPC’s dotted around the map and offering encouragement to those battling it out. There’s also a bit of code that suggests a replay system would also be included in this new mode.

Other dataminers have found references to the much requested solo and duos modes along with two new characters. Wattson is described as having cunning Tesla traps, and Octane is large white and purple Transformer who turns in to a jet plane and a tanker truck. Wait, wrong franchise, in Apex Legends the character Octane seems to be some sort of medic with a stim pack.

Respawn recently posted an update on Reddit and revealed they had already banned 16,000 players and are looking at implementing a grief system. “Even if you don’t get proof, get their ID and flag it and we can investigate the account. We have heard your feedback about a report feature in the game. I’ll just say that’s a very good idea,” said community manager Jay Frechette.

Meanwhile indie VR game Apex Construct has seen sales skyrocket as some players are confusing the title with the Battle Royale game.

“As you are most likely aware, the free-to-play, Battle Royale game Apex Legends was released last week. Not only does the name resembles our own VR game Apex Construct, the logos are also strikingly similar (ours came first though!)” said Andreas Juliusson from Fast Travel Games. “Apparently people are prepared to buy what they think is Apex Legends for $29.99, even thought it’s a free-to-play title… Most likely these units will be refunded, but our books look pretty good at the moment.”

Source: VG247 / Reddit / Reddit

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