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Paradox Interactive and Microsoft launch an independent cross-platform mod platform

Mods are great. Some of the most influential people in video games have a history in modding, there’s entire game studios that have built up around a core group of modders, mods put Thomas the Tank Engine into Skyrim and the Stay Puft marshmallow man into Left 4 Dead 2, mods saved the Dark Souls PC port from the clutches of the Bad Japanese PC Port Syndrome. Mods are, I think we can all agree, bloody good things.

However, outside of one or two exceptions with Bethesda, mods have been restricted to PC and, over the last half decade or so, Steam Workshop’s mod platform. Today Paradox Interactive and Microsoft have partnered to launch a new independent modding platform for Xbox One and PC – Sony isn’t such a fan of mods, so they’re not involved.

Paradox Mods will launch with 30 mods ready and tested for Xbox One players of Surviving Mars, while being open for PC users of GoG or the Paradox Launcher. Creators can use a single upload tool to share to both platforms, and while the initial batch of mods have been curated and are limited to Surviving Mars, support will spread to all Paradox games. We’ve asked for clarification about mod testing and curation.

Update: Paradox have confirmed to us that mods can be freely published by creators, but can be taken down if they break the company’s mod policy and are flagged by the community. Flagged mods will be reviewed by Paradox’s community support team.

Speaking to Games Industry, Paradox Mods head Anders Törlind explained that the stoppers in the past were the validation process by Microsoft adding costs for Paradox, and that users simply didn’t have a portal through which to upload. Both of those blocks have now been removed.

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