Konami’s 50th Anniversary: Arcade Classics leaked, but does it include a boss battle cat with giant testicles?

The Australian Classification board has rated the 50th Anniversary Collection: Arcade Classics by Konami for multiple platforms. This is year is indeed the 50th anniversary of the company, it was founded in March 1969, and they have said they intend to “go big” on celebrations.

So what games could be included? Well the title states these are Arcade games so contenders include Frogger, Contra, Sunset Riders, or Track and Field. Personally I would like Gradius and Salamader to be in the collection, and just for fun, Sexy Parodius. Yes, that’s a thing, and it included a boss battle that featured a cat with huge testicles, fast forward to around 4m10s in the video below for that delight.

From around 2000 onwards Konami’s arcade offerings narrowed down to a couple of key titles including Drum Mania and Dance Dance Revolution, both of which would require accessories so I doubt they will be include. There is an arcade version of Silent Hill so that’s also a contender.

UPDATE: Possibly a raccoon, not a cat. Or a beaver. Something furry, whatever.

Source: Australian Classification

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