More Octopath Traveller games are in development, starting with a mobile prequel


Octopath Traveller was a hit on Nintendo Switch last year, selling more than 1.5 million copies and building on the work that Masashi Takahashi and Tomoya Asano had done with Bravely Default and its sequel on 3DS. For those wanting more of the game’s blend of turn-based RPG battling, individual stories and HD-2D visuals, more is on the way.

Announced at the end of last week, Square Enix have revealed that more games are in development, starting with a prequel game set on the continent of Orstera… coming to mobile devices this year. That’s right, this game is not coming to Switch.

Thankfully Switch owners aren’t being left out in the cold. The Octopath Traveller Twitter account followed up by saying “For those of you waiting for a new console game, we apologize, but we’ll need more time for production, so in the meantime we hope you’ll enjoy this.” (translation via Siliconera)

I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

Source: Siliconera [1, 2]

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