Pagan Online won’t be free-to-play, launching in Early Access soon

Pagan Online, the latest game from World of Tanks publisher, Wargaming, will not launch as a free-to-play title.

Instead, the Serbian-developed dungeon crawler will have a single buy-in price and won’t be supported by micro-transactions or a subscription-based model.


During a recent preview event, it was also confirmed that Pagan Online will be heading to early access, available exclusively on PC via Steam as well as the Wargaming Game Center.

The publisher did not announce an exact price or release date, though the game’s early access phase is coming very soon.

Wargaming Product Director, Jacob Buecler, made the following statement in regards to opting for an early access launch:

“We’ve got goals, we’ve got plans, we’ve got ambitions, and plenty of stuff in the backlog to work through. The reason for launching in early access is for us is to be able to get out there and gather feedback and see what the most valuable thing to work on is. It’s kind of a tropey thing to say, but we really want to deliver our audience the best game possible and we’ve already got a good starting point.

We’re building a foundation that will be extensible and we plan to keep working away at this game. Hopefully we will work on Pagan Online for a decade – that would be outstanding!”.

Pagan Online will look instantly recognisable to anyone familiar with Diablo, Path of Exile, and the myriad of ARPGs that have launched over the years.

Developer Mad Head Games is certainly aware of this, the Serbian studio confident that Pagan Online won’t get lost in the mix.

With its action-heavy combat and session-based structure, it’s a surprisingly approachable take on the genre. For more, read our Pagan Online gameplay preview.

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