Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 announced by Paradox & Hardsuit Labs

A good fifteen years after the game came out, cult classic Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines is getting a sequel. Announced at GDC by publisher Paradox Interactive and Hardsuit Labs (which features a number of those who worked on the original), it will be heading to PC and consoles in 2020.

This is a full successor, featuring a reactive story with plenty of shady characters and fast-paced melee combat based around various vampiric abilities. Having been created in an act of vampire insurrection has sparked a blood war between the factions that run Seattle, and you have to pick sides in this battle.

The original games’ Brian Mitsoda returns as Lead Narrative Designer. He said, “When Paradox announced they were acquiring the World of Darkness IP, I immediately started thinking about what it would be like to return to Vampire: The Masquerade. Our aim has been to carry on the signature themes that made Bloodlines unique – particularly its dark tone, atmosphere, and humor – and I think that fans of the original will love what we’re doing with Bloodlines 2.”

Oh, and it will be getting a bit political while it does this. Martin Ka’ai Clooney, Creative Director Developer, told VG247 that “It is a political game but I think it’s one of those few opportunities that gives us the chance to let people make their own political statement in a way that’s not cheap. I don’t believe you can look at both sides of a political argument without understanding both sides. It’s easy to say this is good and this is bad. But it’s definitely taking some political stances on what we think are right and wrong. In terms of the main conflict what is interesting is it’s one of those truly balanced issues.”

Source: press release, VG247

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