Gran Turismo Sport’s 1.36 Update adds the Dallara SF19 Super Formula and more


The latest free update to Gran Turismo Sport is live right now and it brings Italian supercars and new cars and events based off the Super Formula Championship in Japan.

Let’s start with the cars which include Sideswipe, or as you may know it, the classic Lamborghini Countach:

  • Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary ’88
  • Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta passo corto CN.2521 ’61
  • Lancia Stratos ’73
  • Dallara SF19 Super Formula / Honda ’19
  • Dallara SF19 Super Formula / Toyota ’19

Those two Super Formula cars? They look the same, but you can pick the engine you want.

There’s a bunch of new single player GT League events to work through as well. Only one race features that SF19, though.

Beginner League

  • 2 new rounds added to the FF Challenge
  • 2 new rounds added to the MINI Challenge

Amateur League

  • Super Formula Championship event
  • 2 new rounds added to the Nostalgic Car Festival

Professional League

  • 2 new rounds added to the La Festa Cavallino
  • 2 new rounds added to the Lamborghini Cup

Endurance League

  • 1 new round added to the Gr.1 Prototype Endurance Series

Source: EU PS Blog

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