WW2 shooter Hell Let Loose heads to Early Access in June

With the simmering discontent around Battlefield V’s continued support, there’s a big opportunity for Hell Let Loose to grab some of the people looking for another large scale WW2 shooter. With grand 50v50 battles, Hell Let Loose is coming from Black Matter and published by Team17, who’ve announced that the game will be heading into Steam Early Access on 6th June.


Before then, there will be a series of beta tests, the first of which is coming on 5th April and with two more planned before Early Access. Getting into the betas is dependent on pre-ordering the Early Access, which is about as nutty a marketing and launch concept as I could have come up with. Seriously. Could game companies stop with this kind of silliness, please?

Built on Unreal Engine 4, it features 50v50 battles in which the two teams have to capture sectors and resources across large maps. Vehicles will also play a major part, but there’s no Battlefield-esque destruction in play. The two maps in the beta are the Hürtgen Forest where US and German forces fought in the winter of 1944, and the new map Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, where the 101st Airborne and Wehrmacht battled on D-Day.

Source: press release

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