Valve tease their own VR headset: Valve Index

Though Valve have helped to pioneer many of the underlying technologies that are commonplace throughout virtual reality, the company has never had their own publicly available VR headset. That seems like it’s about to change with the confirmation of the long-rumoured project: Valve Index.

All we have is the following image of the device on a new Steam store page, saying “Upgrade your experience.” and teasing May 2019.


That said, even this one image can tell us a lot. The headset has at least two outward facing cameras, which could at least enable some forms of augmented reality, but could also be a part of an inside-out tracking system that tracks world objects for positioning instead of relying on external sensors. There’s also a large slider that is likely tied to hardware inter-pupillary distance (IPC) management, to allow for the best possible VR comfort.

A May reveal or release is quite interesting, as it will set the headset up against Oculus’ two upcoming devices, the standalone Oculus Quest and the revised Oculus Rift S.

Source: Steam

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