Destiny 2’s The Revelry event begins next week, details here – TheSixthAxis

Destiny 2’s The Revelry event begins next week, details here

Eva Levante, the friendly grandma type who gives out candy in Destiny 2, is back with a new celebration, The Revelry, which runs from April 16th to May 7th. Personally I don’t trust her, that little old lady schtick just isn’t working for me, I bet she’s a nasty Taken god in disguise.

Anyway, until she’s unmasked she’s handing out lots of lovely new treats and a new game mode, the Verdant Forest. This has you clearing rooms of enemies and the faster you wipe them out the more time you will have to tackle the five boss battles. Eva will give you a Reveler’s Tonic which can be filled with Reveler’s Essence, which can be gained by killing bosses in the Verdant Forest or completing other activities. There are three different tonics, each reduces the cooldown of your grenades, melee, or class ability.

There’s also Inaugural Revelry armour, and the more of this you have equipped the more powerful the effect of the tonic.This applies in all activities so if there’s a quest you’re finding bit hard at the moment this might be the power boost you need. Bungie also say “Revelers will even be more dangerous in the Crucible.”

There’s a new Exotic Kinetic Fusion Rifle, Arbalest which does extra damage to shields, plus orbs have a chance to drop everywhere in the game with precision kills. There’s also double drops on Bright Engrams, every time you earn one of those you’ll also get a Revelry Engram full of cosmetic bobbins including a golfing emote and a Ghost with bunny ears.

The Revelry will be open to all players of Destiny 2, you don’t need the Season Pass to participate.

Source: Bungie 

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