Housemarque’s Stormdivers: “The race is on and we just couldn’t make it”


When Housemarque’s Stormdivers was revealed it didn’t really set the world on fire, yet another Battle Royale game competing for player’s affections. The game has been pottering along in beta for some time but according to CEO Ilari Kuittinen it’s unlikely the game is going to be a hit.

“It is tough. Whether we’re going to succeed, it’s unlikely because of the tough competition,” he told VG247. ” “We’re kind of a bit short of money to fully realise what we want to do as a launch edition of the game. We’ll see.”

Unfortunately for Housemarque a little game called Apex Legends dropped out of nowhere and it shared some gameplay elements from Stormdivers. “Apex did something that we had there. The manoeuvrability, and we have a class based thing,” said Kuittinen. “In a way Apex has taken that a bit away from us.”

“It’s quite brutal, this industry. Quite brutal,” he adds. “It’s something that happens like, ‘oh shit’. The race is on and we just couldn’t make it.”

There are around fifteen people working on Stormdivers right now with the rest of the company working on an unannounced game for a publishers, that game might be revealed early next year which suggests it could be for the new consoles.

Source: VG247

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