Season 2 of For Honor’s third year content brings the Hitokiri


Ubisoft has released details of For Honor’s Year 3 Season 2 pass, titled Sakura, and the main addition will be the Hitokori warrior class that will be added to the Samurai faction on May 2nd. Pass holders will get access to the hero immediately while non-pass holders will have to wait until May 9th and pay 15,000 steel. There will be male and female versions of the Hitokori, the Sakura and Yato.The weapon they carry is the Masakari, an axe used to hunt criminals.

That’s not the only addition to the season otherwise it’d be a bit light, as there will be roster updates with the focus being on the Lawbringer and the Raider. All players will be getting a free map on May 2nd which is called Canopy, though there’s very little information about that. However, Ubisoft will be hosting a Warrior’s Den on Thursday, April 25th, which will go into depth about all of the content that the new season will be bringing. If you are interested in watching that then you’ll have to tune into their Twitch channel,

Source: Press Release 

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