The final Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC challenge tomb is out now

The last of the DLC challenge tombs has arrived for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, bringing the game’s season pass of DLC content to an end. Titled The Path Home, Lara is hunting through ancient tunnels and tombs to try and find her allies that have gone mysteriously missing.


As with the other challenge tombs added in DLC, The Path Home will be integrated into the single player campaign as a new side story to follow, but will also be available in Score Attack and Time Attack modes. The DLC also comes with the new Midnight Sentinel outfit, which gives you longer focus and perception, and the Silver Strike bow, which has arrows that pierce body armour and even through multiple unarmoured enemies. The Magic Touch skill lets Lara consume fewer resources when crafting.

Also rounding out the season pass, Score Attack and Time Attack is now playable with all the tombs found in the main game, where previously only around half of them had been enabled for these modes.

Source: press release

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