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Overwatch Workshop lets you make custom game modes

Blizzard have released a huge new new mode and feature for Overwatch, the Workshop, in which players have a huge amount of freedom to script the game and create their own game modes. A tame example from Blizzard themselves is a “the floor is lava” style Molten Floor mode, but the community have already cobbled together a huge range of character tweaks and recreated other game modes.

The Workshop all works in-game, giving players a simplified scripting system that goes beyond the customisation features previously available in the Game Browser. It lets you add rules and play conditions to existing Overwatch game modes, modifying movement, abilities, damage, displaying text and more. It also includes a Workshop Inspector to help you debug when things go wrong.

It’s currently available as part of the Public Test Realm build of the game on PC, and can be found by going to Play > Game Browser > Create > Settings > Workshop. Once you’re happy with what you’ve created, you can share or link to your game mode, and it can also be found through the Custom Game Browser.

Users have already made it so that Mei can slide around on her own ice, so Widowmaker will teleport to headshot victims of her sniper rifle, recreated gun game, Superhot, and so much more.

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