Automachef looks like Overcooked for robots

Team17 and Hermes Interactive have announced Automachef, a game whose portmanteau of a title is entirely accurate, as you build out an increasingly complex automated production line of cooking. The game will be coming to PC and Nintendo Switch this summer.


Can a robot create a work of art? Maybe, maybe not. Can it cook? Again, maybe, maybe not. Automachef is a look at our increasingly dystopian robot-coddled future, as you are charged with designing a series of fully-automated production lines kitchens to spec. You’ll have to deal with the space you have, energy requirements and design of the food, laying out conveyor belts, various cooking machines and more to prepare, cook and assemble meals. It looks like Overcooked (another game published by Team17) if you took out humans running around everywhere and instead installed a series of robots and machines programmed to culinary perfection.

Source: press release

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