Epic Games Acquires Rocket League Developer Psyonix

In business acquisition news that has come out of nowhere, it has been confirmed that Epic Games has acquired Psyonix, developers of the hugely successful Rocket League. With this acquisition, players may be thinking of changes that could occur in light of Psyonix becoming part of the Epic Games clan, and there may be some. Psyonix has stated that in the short term nothing will change when it comes to Rocket League and its development, with community feedback continuing to be the way the game evolves. Long term Rocket League will be made available on the Epic Games Store.

The Rocket League Esports scene will be given more resources to grow, though whether it’ll be as big as the likes of Fortnite in that scene is unlikely. When it comes to the Psyonix developers themselves nothing looks set to change there in the short term, with the same group continuing to work on Rocket League. While the sale of Psyonix to Epic Games is yet to be fully finalised both parties expect the contracts to be tied up by either end of May or beginning of June.

Source: Psyonix

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