The Division 2’s gear score will not be increased above 500 in title update 3

Ubisoft has released details about The Division 2’s third title update and the big announcement is that the gear score will not be raised above the 500 score threshold due to the negative impact it would have on the player experience and that it isn’t yet time to raise the score. In addition, the publisher also stated that any player builds that had hit gear score 500 would have been outdated straight away, making the efforts put in almost meaningless. Changing the score so close to the launch of the debut raid as well would also have meant player builds would again come across as a waste of time.

The raid Operation Dark Hours rewards will be gear score 500 rewards which will include a new exotic weapon and gear sets. In the next title update here’s how you can get gear score 500 items direct from Ubisoft.

  • We have increased the rewards for daily Priority Hard and Challenging missions. Once you’ve reached Gear Score 500, those activities will guarantee Gear Score 500 drops.
  • Heroic Mission bosses, Stronghold bosses and Bounty bosses, as well as Control Point Alert Level 4 reward containers guarantee Gear Score 500 items if your average Gear Score is at 500.
  • DZ contaminated loot does not drop below player’s average Gear Score. When you’ve reached an average Gear Score of 500, Contaminated loot will guarantee Gear Score 500 items.
  • We’ve balanced loot across the board to reduce the chances of items dropping at a lower Gear Score than that of your character.

Source: Ubisoft

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