Ghost Recon Breakpoint officially revealed by Ubisoft, out this October

Ubisoft have taken the wraps off Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the latest entry in the long running tactical shooter series and a follow up from the team behind Ghost Recon Wildlands. The game will be out for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 4th October. The PC version will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store and will not be on Steam.

Breakpoint takes us to an island in the Pacific Ocean and the island of Auroa, with technological warfare and the fictional company Skell Technology the focal point. Their intelligent drone swarms have infiltrated all parts of life, from replacing bees to help crops grow, to policing and use for military operations and covert actions. Auroa is Skell’s base, but with the island going dark, the Ghosts are sent in.

The titular breakpoint is about a shift from recon to survival for the Ghosts as drones strike and down your chopper en route. With nothing but a pistol to start, you have to explore the island that features the gamut of biomes and spec ops unit gone rogue, The Wolves hunting you with their own abilities and with hijacked Skell drones of all types. It seems to follow on from the story in Wildlands’ Operation Oracle, in which Ghost leader Cole Walker, played by Jon Bernthal, goes rogue.

Watch the gameplay walkthrough to see the game in action:

The gameplay reveal showcased some of these survival elements, such as having to patch yourself up after getting hurt – serious injuries will affect your physical abilities and must be healed in the moment or using the bivouac – taking cover to avoid detection by enemy drones, and doing your “Arnie hiding from the Predator” impression by covering yourself in mud.

You’re not alone, thanks to a return of four player co-op, though you can obviously go solo as well, and an expanded cast of NPC characters and hundreds of cutscenes. You’ll have different classes to choose between that can be swapped out at the bivouac, with a persistent character that’s kept across the entire game, whether you play solo, co-op or in PvP which will be in the game at launch.

Their post-launch plans include new major story updates every four months, including what they describe as the first raid in a Ghost Recon game.

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