Soar on a magical shield next month when action platformer Effie releases

The action-adventure platformer Effie will be releasing on June 4th for PS4 Inverge Studios has announced, but the Steam release date is yet to be confirmed. Anyway,  in Effie players take on the role of Galand who has been cursed to age far beyond his years by a witch, so he’s off on a quest to reverse the spell and become young again. To do this Galand has to travel across the red grass plains of Oblena, a land full of towns and ghouls. To help in his quest Galand has a magical shield which can be used to surf through the grassy sea, as well as be used as a weapon.


Effie is a mix of open world and linear in that the areas between towns are open to exploration so you can choose where to head first, but once you’re in your chosen location the action becomes linear until the objectives have been completed. The world outside the towns is large though and that’s why the shield can be used as a method of transportation, to help cut down on journey times. Effie definitely looks like something fans of classic platformers may enjoy.

Source: PS Blog

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