Pax Narcotica: The Line poses the question of how you’d run the streets and society

A brand new studio called Stone Spark has opened up in Edinburgh and has revealed that its first game is called Pax Narcotica: The Line. It’s a management sim of sorts though its focused a lot on the darker sides of society where you could rise to power through a criminal empire, or try and climb up by gathering support of your community. Stone Spark state that in the game every choice is essentially impossible, asking you to solve problems like sudden mass unemployment, how to heal people when hospitals close, or how to give kids a better life if schools are failing.


The aim is to gather as much control and influence as possible be it taking over territory in the city, bringing the most prominent people in society to your side or taking care of them if they don’t toe the line. It’s about looking for opportunities no matter how hard it may impact others because in Pax Narcotica: The Line it seems that the ultimate goal is to have power, you just have to choose how to acquire it. Be the bad guy or be the hero in a way, it’s up to you.

Pax Narcotica: The Line is expected to release later this year for PC.

Source: Press Release

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