Dead Cells’ free Rise of the Giant DLC is out now for PS4 and Switch

Dead Cells has just got that little bit bigger on consoles, as the Rise of the Giant DLC is now available for free on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It will be coming to Xbox One soon as well, but developer Motion Twin explained on Twitter that it’s been slightly delayed by a last minute bug.


The Rise of the Giant DLC features two new levels, two new bosses, ten new enemies, thirteen new weapons and skills, and updates to the core game systems. Most of these are now part of the main game, but one level and one boss are hidden away as secrets to find. There’s also new female skins, fluo skins and even a Christmas tree skin, “cos why the hell not.”

The game has been a huge success for Motion Twin, with the devs also announcing that it’s just passed 2 million sales (and that’s presumably why they can simply throw out some DLC for free!). The blend of roguelite and metroidvania led to an innovative game structure that really struck a chord with people when it went into Early Access on PC, and it grew and evolved on the way to release in August of last year.

For some people, it was a contender for Game of the Year in 2018, and it easily romped to our Best Independent Game award. As Jason said, “Each run in this roguelite metroidvania can last anywhere between 1 minute and an hour, and being able to just dip in when you feel like helps stave off any frustration from the later challenges that throw themselves at you. […] The combination of great visuals, a fantastic soundtrack, and the incredibly addictive gameplay make for a masterpiece of a game and one that is more fun than it should be given how often you die.”

Source: Motion Twin

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