Sony patents new controller than can scan your face and make emojis, could it be for PlayStation 5?

As we trundle towards the inevitable announcement of the PlayStation 5 (or whatever it will be called) a couple of patents for tech have been uncovered that could find their way in to the new console.

The first of these places a camera in the Dualshock controller, but rather than face outwards it is aimed at your own face. This is so it can scan your features and the use your own expression to generate emojis in online chats.

Apparently Sony think emojis are very important when communicating, hence the tech. There is another picture on the patent application showing a Dark Souls-like game with a chat window that includes text and facially generated emojis.

Now let us have a little think about this. That picture shows text based chat, so somehow those words have got on the screen. If the users had to type then in then they would already have access to emojis making this tech rather pointless, so that suggests that whatever tech this is, presumably the PS5, it would also include speech-to-text software. But then you would need a mic, and if you have a mic why would you be using text chat?

None of this makes much sense when you really think about it.I have many questions, does it just do face emojis? What if you dropped your trousers and waved your Dualshock around your nether regions, would you get the aubergine emoji? It would also be rather freaky to have your console watching you all the time you play rather than quietly humming in a corner.

Another patent shows VR tech for Esports tournament. Basically a row of seats with PSVRs attached to them which then transmit a simulation of being at an actual Esports event. There was also a patent which detailed a method of trading in digital games, which would allow you to buy a game from the PS Store and then sell it back at reduced price, which would be set by the Sony.

Source: SiliconEra / VentureBeat / Esquire

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