Find out what Bungie has next in store for Destiny 2 next week

Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence is coming next week on June 4th and it will allow players to tackle The Menagerie in an attempt to use a Chalice of Opulence to craft runes for specific weapons and armour. It’ll be accessible to those who have completed the Forsaken questline though only one shot is possible if they don’t own the annual season pass. Annual pass owners will also have access to additional bosses and heroic difficulty. Meanwhile, Forsaken owners will be given quests to hunt for treasure across the worlds on Destiny 2, as well as complete additional objectives for other rewards.


However, that’s not all Destiny fans have to look forward to. The official Bungie account has teased an announcement for June 6th where the company will announce the future of Destiny 2.

Remember, earlier this year Bungie announced it was splitting from publisher Activision, with Bungie maintaining the rights to the Destiny franchise. This new announcement would show Bungie are going to be working on now that Activision no longer has a say in how the franchise could evolve. With the Season of Opulence being one of the final content releases under Activision it feels like we’re entering a new era for Destiny and Bungie.

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