The June Xbox Games With Gold have been revealed!

Flaming June is just a day away and that means it’s time for your monthly refresh of free Xbox games via the Games with Gold service.

Your first title this month is EA Sports NHL 19, a game I’d love you tell you lots of things about, but it’s hockey so barely made a dent in the UK charts and we never got a review copy. However, it has a Metacritic rating of 82 so must be quite good.


Your second game is Rivals of Aether, another game I would  love you tell you lots of things about but but we’ve barely covered it here on TSA (just one mention in News Snatch) and once again, didn’t get a review copy. Unfortunately it appears that no one got a review copy as Metacritic just has one critics review, but they gave it 10/10, so I’m sure it’s lovely.

Your backwards compatible titles the “award-winning first-person puzzler” Portal: Still Alive, and Earth Defense Force 2017. Here’s some blurb from Microsoft, including some descriptions of the games (handy when it seems no one has even heard of Rivals of Aether)

EA Sports NHL 19
Rise from the ponds to the pros in EA Sports NHL 19. It’s playoffs season and there is no better time to play this exciting sports title. Build your player from the ground up and compete against over 200 hockey greats in a gameplay system that delivers explosive-edge skating, responsiveness, and jaw-dropping hits.

Rivals of Aether
Summon the power of the four elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth to battle your opponents in Rivals of Aether. Unravel the mystery of the planet in Story mode, band with friends in Abyss mode or test your skills against other players online. Skills and tactics are key in this electrifying platform fighter.

Portal: Still Alive
The ever popular and darkly comedic Portal: Still Alive is coming your way… with cake! Using Aperture Science’s portal technology, break the laws of physics and solve brain-bending puzzles to escape the sinister laboratory you are trapped in. Manipulate your environment and experience hours of fun with the classic award-winning first-person campaign.

Earth Defense Force 2017
Defeat the Ravager armada in Earth Defense Force 2017.  For four years, the population knew alien invaders were coming, so the Earth Defense Force was created to stop them. Now is that time. Annihilate swarms of enemies, some 20 stories tall, using your reconnaissance, infantry, and special ops forces. With all manner of weapons and vehicles at your disposal, defend the planet at all costs.


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