The Division 2 is down for maintenance, Ubisoft abandons fixes

Ubisoft will be taking Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 offline this morning to roll out a new patch, the publisher has confirmed.

The popular online loot shooter will temporarily switch off at 09.30AM, UK time (03.30AM EDT, 00.30AM PDT) and won’t be playable until the servers come back online.


Ubisoft estimates that the downtime will last roughly three hours so you should expect to be grinding that gear score again at around midday, fingers crossed.

Patch notes have been made available prior to the update and read as follows:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause players be travel to an empty map when matchmaking for Classified Assignments. This fix couldn’t be applied today.
  • Fixed erroneous NPC behavior that would cause them to be overly aggressive in combat.
  • Fixed an exploit that would result in unintended stat increases in normalized PvP. This fix couldn’t be applied today, we’re working on a new patch for this as our highest priority right now.

However, since posting these patch notes, Ubisoft has confirmed that the empty map fix will no longer be addressed in today’s update.

Similarly, the unintended stat increases in normalised PvP won’t be fixed either though Ubisoft assures agents that this is a priority for the team at Massive and they’ll attempt to roll out another patch.

Since launch, The Division 2 has undergone a steady barrage of updates and expansions. Ubisoft has continued to flesh out the sequel with more and more endgame content, including the new Tidal Basin Stronghold, World Tier 5, and of course, The Division’s first ever raid.

In our 8/10 review, Thomas praised the game for its sprawling world, jam packed with loads to see and do whether running solo or as part of a 4-player fireteam.

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