Dead By Daylight’s Year 4 roadmap has been detailed

Behaviour Interactive has revealed some details about what Dead By Daylight players can expect as the game enters its 4th year. Kicking off the new year will be the introduction of another iconic horror character as Scream’s Ghost Face enters the hunt for new victims to cut through. Ghostface will be landing at some point this month, and you can see him preparing by buying much needed supplies at the local supermarket, though the cashier doesn’t really have a good day.


Freddy is going to get a character rework to bring him more in line with the movie counterpart as new skills are given to him which will be rolled out soon. Freddy isn’t the only thing getting a rework as the Badham Preschool map will also see some changes and optimisation with better lighting, and some scenic changes that could switch things up. As the year progresses three more chapters will be added on top of the Ghost Face one, though no details about who those characters will be has been confirmed. Two new maps are also going to be added though once again the location hasn’t been revealed.

The Archive will include new challenges which when completed will add to the backstories of the characters with new cutscenes and lore coming to light. The Switch version of the game will be landing on September 24th and following on from that a mobile version of Dead by Daylight will be released, which will be a bit different but still keep the core experience intact.

As you can see from the roadmap above dedicated servers are also being implemented into the game so connections are more secure, and players are less likely to be punished if another player disconnects from the game as Dead By Daylight will compensate for that. Matchmaking will also be improved as party management. Behaviour will also continue to address bugs and roll out fixes for Dead By Daylight.

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