8-Bit Symphony event being performed by Hull Philharmonic Orchestra next week

Orchestral concerts that use video game music have proven to be quite popular over recent years as soundtracks from major video game franchises get performed by various orchestras around the world. The latest concert to be announced is 8-Bit Symphony which is going to be performed by the Hull Philharmonic, and you may guess what era of games the orchestra will be covering through the 90 minute show. Music from games that were released on the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC will be showcased, including games such as Ghost ‘N’ Goblins, Firelord, and Monty on the Run.


The event is being directed by Ron Hubbard who is crediting with scoring over 70 games from the 8-bit era, so you’re bound to get a good experience. If you fancy going along 8-Bit Symphony will be taking place on June 15th at Hull City Hall with tickets starting at £15, and some of the money from the event will be donated to the charity SpecialEffect. SpecialEffect’s aim is to provide ways to enjoy video games for people with disabilities so they don’t miss out on the fun gaming can provide.

Source: Press Release

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