The Division 2 new Gunner specialisation revealed, PTS to go live today after “emergency” maintenance

A fourth endgame specialisation is coming to The Division 2 in the not-too-distant future, as Massive revealed the Gunner. The Gunner has a minigun to fall back on with an emphasis on consistent damage output and also being resilient to incoming damage. For people who like to be a tank, it should be ideal.


Triggering their specialisation, the Gunner receives bonus armour based off how much specialisation ammo they’re carrying at the time, and can march out in the open with minigun blazing while this lasts. The downside is that when the weapon is drawn, the Gunner can’t enter cover, vault or roll.

The Banshee Signature Skill helps get the most out of this, as it ignores cover and forces enemies out in a confused state. There’s also a Riot Foam grenade that will then trap any enemies in place, a P320 XCompact sidearm and a new skill tree to work through.

Getting access to the Gunner is a bit different from the three specialisations that the game shipped with. Those all automatically unlocked as you hit level 30, but for the Gunner you will need to complete five stages of Special Field Research in-game challenges. Alternatively, if you have the Year 1 Pass, the Gunner will be unlocked automatically. There’s still a reason to do the Special Field Research, as there’s a range of cosmetic rewards to unlock. This will likely be the same when the next two specialisations are added to the game later this year.

Also this morning, Ubisoft threw the Division 2 servers into a short spell of “emergency” maintenance, which should be finished by the time of posting. The game’s had several periods of downtime, at the end of last week and yesterday to coincide with Title Update 3.1 being pushed out. It’s probably related to the PTS, but describing it as “emergency maintenance” doesn’t sound to good, does it?

Source: Ubisoft

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