The Division 2 PTS maintenance delayed

UPDATE: This has now been delayed. Again.


The Public Test Server for The Division will go down for maintenance at 13.45 BST today, 5th June. This is to unlock the Gunner Specialization wihcih was not previously unlocked for all players, which is what Ubisoft had announced.

The downtime should last around thirty minutes.

Here’s more on the Gunner, courtesy of Ubisoft.

The Gunner is equipped with the powerful Minigun, which will be a force to be reckoned with on the streets of Washington, D.C. With an emphasis on sustained damage output and damage resilience, the Gunner will serve as the vanguard of SHD Agents in the ongoing fight to reclaim the city.

When activated, The Gunner receive bonus armour based on the amount of Specialization ammunition they are carrying and can easily tank incoming damage for short periods of time while using their Minigun to suppress their enemies. There’s a catch though – when the weapon is drawn, the Gunner can’t enter cover, vault or roll.

To get enemies out in the open, the Gunner comes with the Banshee Signature Skill, which ignores cover and causes its targets to become confused. When an enemy stumble out of cover is the perfect opportunity for the Gunner to use their special grenade – the Riot Foam grenade – trapping the enemy in place.

The specialization comes with a new skill tree and the P320 XCompact sidearm.

When the Gunner launches in the main game to unlock Gunner you need to take on Special Field Research: five stages of in-game challenges, each with their own set of objectives and rewards. By completing all five stages, you will gain access to the Gunner Specialization and the newest signature weapon in the SHD arsenal. That sounds rather grindy to me so the good news is that if you have the Year 1 season pass you will instantly unlock the Gunner Specialization.

Source: Twitter / Ubisoft

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