Röki and Eldest Souls revealed by United Label

The indie published United Label, which has been founded by CI Games, has revealed two of the games it is publishing ahead of E3 2019, and both of them are pretty different from each other. The first of these games is Röki which is being developed by former Guerrilla Games art directors Tom Jones and Alex Kanaris-Sotiriouunder under the new studio Polygon Treehouse. Röki adventure title which is inspired by the folklore of Scandinavia in which exploration and puzzle solving are required to unravel the story. Platforms and the release date are yet to be confirmed.


The second game being published by United Label is called Eldest Souls which is essentially a boss rush title with trappings of the Souls’ series. Watching the trailer it also feels like there has been some inspiration from other titles like Titan Souls and Jotun, which had similar styles when it comes to presenting the boss fights.

There are RPG elements though which will have an impact on how your character performs in battle against the towering creatures that await within. Eldest Souls is being developed by Fallen Flag Studio, and again release dates and platforms are yet to be confirmed for the title.

Source: Press Release

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