Blair Witch is coming to Xbox One & PC this August from Layers of Fear developers

A new horror game has made its presence known on the stage and its from a franchise that we didn’t expect to arrive on consoles. Blair Witch is the game and it’s set in 1996 where Ellis, a former police officer, and his dog go looking for a missing child in the Black Forest Hills. The game looks to take a lot of what made the film so iconic when it first released all those years ago. You have the shaky cam, the confusing forest to venture through, and a creepy character that’s standing in a corner who you shouldn’t really approach.


Blair Witch will release on Xbox One and PC on August 30th, and its being developed by Bloober Team, the developers behind Layers of Fear.

“We are so thrilled, and honestly a little scared, to bring all players, especially fans of Blair Witch, back into the haunted woods. It is genuinely an honor to be working on such a hair-raising, paradigmatic experience, which defined so many of our lives!” said Piotr Babieno, CEO at Bloober Team.

“The team at Bloober is made up of amazing storytellers. We were excited to give them the opportunity to craft an original narrative set in the iconic woods of Blair Witch,” said Daniel Engelhardt, Senior Vice President of Lionsgate Interactive Ventures & Games. “They’ve taken the evil hiding in the Black Hills Forest to a whole new level. Players should enter at their own risk.”

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