The second UK Digital Chart sees Grand Theft Auto V take the top spot

Last week the first ever UK digital chart for games was released with Total War: Three Kingdoms taking the inaugural crown, beating away the likes of Grand Theft Auto V, Monopoly Plus and Minecraft. Creative Assembly’s latest couldn’t hold back the tide for long though with Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V taking the top spot showing that it’s still as popular as ever and let’s people ask how can a game dominate for so long?

Last Week This Week Title
2 1 Grand Theft Auto V
1 2 Total War: Three Kingdoms
New 3 Blood & Truth
5 4 FIFA 19
174 5 Watch Dogs 2
4 6 Monopoly Plus
3 7 Minecraft
165 8 EA Sports UFC 3
12 9 Rainbow Six Siege
50 10 Battalion 1944


As you can see Total War: Three Kingdoms fell to second while PSVR exclusive claimed the third spot. Watch Dogs 2 had a huge rise from 174th place to 5th with EA Sports UFC 3 getting a similar rise. The chart isn’t fully complete though as publishers such as Bethesda, Konami and Nintendo do not provide data.


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