Google releases Game Builder which allows anyone to make a game without coding

Coding can be tough and daunting. It’s a complex system of languages, commands, specific syntax, and bugs. Yet there are a lot of people out there who may wish they had the coding skills and time to create an idea they have into a game. Well, it appears Google has come up with an answer where creating a game can be as simple as playing one. The company’s Area 120 experimental projects workshop has come up with a tool called Game Builder which allows anyone to craft a game, and it is free to download on Steam.

In Game Builder you can create a game by yourself or work simultaneously with friends to put together something all without having to truly code any of the actions. Instead the actions are put together using a card system which contains all sorts of actions including movement and interacting with the environment. You just simple drag and drop the card which answer questions like how to move. For slightly experienced coders you can create your own cards using Javascript and the code is live so it doesn’t need to be compiled.


Builders can use thousands of pre-made models from Google Poly which can be edited to fit the style of whatever game you’re making be it an adventure game or an action title.

Source: Google

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