OnShape is rhythm dodge-em game heading to VR platforms soon

VR is becoming a great platform for all sorts of games as well as introducing tools to keep fit. There have been titles that have helped mix the two like Creed and even Beat Saber. Now Odders Lab is mixing the rhythm genre with dodging with the game OnShape in which players have to pull off moves to avoid obstacles as they come hurtling towards them. It looks a bit like that BBC game show Hole in the Wall where contestants had to pull the right shape to get through walls.


OnShape will aim to keep you fit and by the looks of it hone some of those dance moves too, so you can bust those out when you’re at the club. The movement styles have been put together by professional choreographers after all.  Each of the tracks will have three difficulty levels from easy up to hard to really test reactions. OnShape will be launching on Oculus Rift this summer with Quest and PSVR releases expected later this year.

Source: Press Releas

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