UPDATE: The Division 2 maintenance completed today ahead of Title Update 4

UPDATE: Maintenance has now completed, check out the patch notes HERE! Original story follows.:

The Division 2 will be going offline later today, Ubisoft has confirmed. The popular Tom Clancy shooter is due to receive some new features and fixes, making way for its latest slab of post launch content – the hotly anticipated Title Update 4.


According to the publisher, The Division 2’s servers will go dark at 08.30AM BST (that’s 09.30AM / 03:30 AM EDT / 12:30 AM PDT) and will stay offline for at least a few hours. Ubisoft predicts that the maintenance will take 3 hours, so European agents can expect to dive back into Washington DC at around midday.

Title Update 4 will introduce a new character Specialization – The Gunner. Among the Div 2 community, this is being referred to as the game’s first proper tank class. Carrying a rather cumbersome mini gun, The Gunner can sustain enemy fire and will have riot foam grenades to keep enemies at bay. However, The Gunner’s movement will be drastically impaired – whenever wielding their signature weapon, they won’t be able to duck into cover, sprint, or roll.

For those who’ve yet to hit The Division 2’s endgame, after clearing the map and reaching level 30 you’ll trigger World Tier 1. In a nutshell this slams the reset button, repopulating the map with tougher enemies while dialling up the difficulty of story missions, strongholds, and other challenges.

At the same time you will also gain access to Specializations. Think of these as elite player classes, each one defined by their signature weapon. Previously, we’ve had access to the Sharpshooter and its TAC-50 C high-powered sniper rifle, the Demolitionist’s M32A1 Multi-shot Grenade Launcher, and the Survivalist’s Explosive Tipped Crossbow.

In order to unlock The Gunner, there are two methods. For those who own The Division 2’s Year 1 Pass, you’ll gain instant access to this new Specialization while non-premium agents will have to complete a cluster of Special Field Research tasks. Exactly how much time/grinding these tasks will involve has yet to be worked out.

Full patch notes for Title Update 4 will be coming later today with a full list of in-game changes.

Source: The Division 2 official forum

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