The Division 2 down for maintenance today, 20th June, at 1pm BST

Is it me or does Ubisoft’s The Division 2 game go up and down faster than a Love Islander’s knickers? It was offline just two days ago for maintenance and it is going offline again today at 1pm BST for three whole hours.


As you might expect people are starting to be a bit annoyed with the downtime, “This game has more maintenance then my car has had in a year,” tweeted one gamer.

As to what the maintenance is for, no one knows, but Ubisoft do say the patch notes will be posted some time during the maintenance window, we will post them as soon as they arrive.

Tuesday’s update, the Title Update 4, introduced a new character specialisation, The Gunner. Among the Div 2 community, this is being referred to as the game’s first proper tank class. Carrying a rather cumbersome mini gun, The Gunner can sustain enemy fire and will have riot foam grenades to keep enemies at bay. However, The Gunner’s movement will be drastically impaired – whenever wielding their signature weapon, they won’t be able to duck into cover, sprint, or roll.

The roadmap for the game was recently detailed and it begins with Episode 1, taking players to the DC Outskirts with forests, the National Zoo and Kenley College to battle through. Episode 2 will take us to The Pentagon, and in a new revelation, it will be joined by the second 8-player raid in the game. Episode 3 finds Division agents tasked with hunting down one of their own to discover the secrets behind the outbreak and events that followed. In a neat teaser, they’ll be heading back to New York, by way of Coney Island.

For more on Title Update 4, which includes changes to clans, mods, NPCs, and the UI, click here for the full patch notes.

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