Contracts will be added to Black Ops 4 next week

Treyarch has confirmed that Contracts will be coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 next week, June 25th, adding and changing ways that players will earn rewards in the game. Contracts will be added to standard multiplayer, Blackout, Zombies and the World League. Across the modes there will be 28 contracts to pick from, one being a daily challenge and two optional contracts per mode. Essentially you can have 12 contracts active at onces.

Contracts will be split between standard and hard with the latter offering more of a challenge and bigger rewards too. Daily contracts will be refreshed every 24 hours, as implied with the name, with players only having those hours to complete the contract before it disappears. Activated contracts will last longer and can be swapped at any time, with progress being kept for the ones that are swapped. Active contracts won’t expire but if you have an inactive contract that will go when the contract list refreshes. Rewards will include reserve cases, bonus XP, bonus merits for Blackout, and bonus plasma in zombie mode.


In Zombies Daily Callings will be removed for Daily Contracts with secondary tier skips being awarded once the daily contract has been completed. Ultimate Weapon Bribes are also being added which will reward an unowned Black Market weapon. After you have a weapon these ultimate bribes will then reward Mastercraft, MKII or other unlocked things.

Source: Treyarch

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