Sparklite will be available in October for PC and consoles

Red Blue Games’ action-adventure title has now got a confirmed release window of October with the game set to release on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. The game is set the fictional land of Geodia where the aforementioned Sparklite is the power source for the world. Geodia’s baron has decided to mine all of the Sparklite to power his war campaign, with the consequence being the land becoming polluted and the animals have become twisted monsters. Players take on the role of Ada who has to stop the Baron from taking all of the Sparklite and forever upsetting the balance.


Sparklite will also be getting a physical Signature edition which will be available to pre-order from June 28th. The Signature edition will include:

  • A region free copy of Sparklite
  • Signature Edition Sleeve and Box
  • Original CD Soundtrack
  • Nano Block Figure
  • Numbered Certificate

Source: Press Release

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