The Contra-esque Blazing Chrome releases in a couple of weeks

Joymasher and Arcade Crew have confirmed that the release for Blazing Chrome is July 11th for all formats, which includes PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. The game is slated to be available on Xbox Game Pass. Blazing Chrome has been billed as a game that has been heavily inspired by the likes of Contra and Metal Slug. When you watch the trailer below those inspirations are rather obvious.

The trailer itself showcases two of the hidden characters that players could unlock if they’re good enough. These characters are Suhaila and Raijin, with their combat styles closely resembling that of a ninja with a katana as one of the main weapons along with abilities to jump higher and dash through areas too. The plot of Blazing Chrome has the main characters fighting against an army of AI that has almost wiped out or captured humanity, and it’s the protagonists’ job to free the remnants of humankind.

Source: Press Release

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