Pokémon Masters revealed as a 3v3 battler, coming to mobile this summer

The Pokémon Company and developer DeNA have taken the lid off the recently announced mobile game Pokémon Masters. Coming to iOS and Android, it’s based around Pokémon battles with teams of three trainers and Pokémon, and features Pokémon Trainers from throughout the game and anime series’ long history. The game is planned for release this summer.


Set on the artificial island of Pasio, you’re aiming to become the champion of the Pokémon Masters League. The point of the game isn’t to catch Pokémon anymore, but also to befriend and team up with other trainers in the game, each of whom has a single Pokémon that they are teamed with in a Sync Pair. There will be 65 of these Sync Pairs at launch.

Battles are 3v3 and take place in real time, attacking when your Pokémon is able to, and using powerful Sync Moves. Trainers are also able to use moves, buffing their Pokémon or healing them.

This really was just a brief glimpse into the world, setting and core mechanics of the game, with more sure to be shown as The Pokémon Company and DeNA build up to the game’s release.

The game will be free-to-start, as opposed to free-to-play, meaning that the opening will be free, but you’ll eventually hit a point where you need to pay to unlock the rest of the game.

Source: YouTube

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