Get hands on Gears 5’s Escape mode at Microsoft’s new London flagship store next week

Are you really, really looking forward to Gears of War 5? Are you looking forward to it enough that you’d head into London’s always ludicrously busy Oxford Circus to play it? Well, then Microsoft would love for you to pop into the launch of their new flagship store in London when it opens on 11th July and running

They’ll be taking the opportunity to showcase the new three player co-op Escape mode that was announced at E3 this year, making a change from the usual mix of campaign, competitive multiplayer and Horde mode. You’ll be able to play between 11th-14th July with 18 sessions spread across the four days, but will need to register your interest here.


The new Escape mode is, according to the Coalition, “everything you love about Gears, turned up to 11.” On a surface level, it looks like a spin on Horde mode where you need to stay on the move while fighting incoming waves of enemies. In a nice surprise, they also said it would be playable in couch co-op.

A series of online tests will be taking place before launch, but with a multiplayer tech test on 17th July and the Horde test only set to kick off on 19th August, this will make trekking into London the first public opportunity to go hands on with the game.

Here’s the E3 2019 trailer for the mode.

Announced back at E3 2018, Microsoft have given The Coalition a year longer than usual in order to develop Gears 5, which will be out on 10th September for Xbox One and Windows 10. It will feature a female protagonist for the first time, shifting the focus away from JD Fenix (the lead from Gears of War 4 and son of Marcus Fenix from the original trilogy) to follow Kait Diaz (voiced by Laura Bailey) who’s seeking to uncover the origins of the Locusts and how it’s intertwined with the Diaz family.

So, any of you planning on escaping to the centre of London next week?

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