The Medieval inspired RTS Ancestors Legacy heads to console in August

The RTS Ancestors Legacy released last year for PC to a positive audience and critical reception. It’s a game set during Medieval times taking inspiration from events like the Viking invasions of Britain. With the DLC other campaigns have been added including taking the role of Saladin and fighting in the Crusades to stop the crusaders. If all of this historical inspiration speaks to you and you primarily play on PS4 and Xbox One then you’re in luck as Ancestors Legacy will be releasing on August 13th.


The gameplay itself will have players controlling squads of soldiers to explore environments and engage in battle on the battlefields. You’ll have to have some tactical acumen to succeed and place your soldiers in the right places to really dominate. The developers have been working on the console version for a while with the controller tests taking a couple of years so all the buttons are properly mapped for the best comfort for console players.

The features include:

  •   Four playable nations in an extensive single-player campaign inspired by historical events;
•    Various modes of intense multiplayer battles;
•    Advanced tactical options combining the use of terrain, experience, and morale;
•    Cinematic battle camera view that puts you right in the center of the action;
•    Outstanding visual fidelity powered by Unreal Engine 4;
•    Streamlined resource management and village construction.
There will also be online multiplayer so you can test your tactical might against your human opponents.
Source: Press Release
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