Xbox Game Pass adds My Time at Portia, Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Undertale tomorrow

Following on from the launch of Xbox Game Pass for PC and its addition to Game Pass Ultimate at E3 last month, Microsoft have got right back to throwing games into the twinned services. Across the two platforms there’s three games being added tomorrow, 4th July, and another five coming next week on 11th July.

Not all of the games being added are for both platforms, but there is some crossover. Here’s what’s coming, to what, and when:

  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War – Xbox One & Windows 10 – 04/07​
  • My Time at Portia – Xbox One & Windows 10 – 04/07​
  • Undertale – Windows 10 – 04/07​
  • Blazing Chrome – Xbox One & Windows 10 – 11/07​
  • Dead Rising 4 – Xbox One & Windows 10 – 11/07​
  • LEGO City Undercover – Xbox One – 11/07​
  • Timespinner – Windows 10 – 11/07​
  • Unavowed – Windows 10 – 11/07​

Admittedly it’s not the most exciting of updates, but Middle-earth: Shadow of War was one of the biggest games of 2017 and Dead Rising 4 started off as a Microsoft exclusive. Undertale’s unusual take on video game role-playing has received wide acclaim since its original release in 2015, while My Time at Portia is a slice-of-life management sim that’s drawn plaudits in the first half of this year.

Xbox Game Pass for PC was announced in the run up to E3, promising to bring a similar game subscription service as has been found on PC for the last two years. It’s also been folded into the new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which features both Game Pass for Xbox One and PC as well as including Xbox Live for console multiplayer (PC multiplayer is still free).

Since E3, Microsoft have been offering introductory offers on both Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, letting you get your first month of either for £1. Additionally, if you already have Game Pass or Xbox Live, you’re able to convert all of your cumulative subscription time, up to 36 months, into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just £1. These offers expire tomorrow, 4th July, so make sure to upgrade soon!

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