New Pokemon Sword and Shield info includes new creatures, gym leaders, and Gigantamaxing

The Pokemon Company and Game Freak have revealed a ton of new information today regarding Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, including new Pokemon, gym leaders, the version exclusives, and revealed who the most powerful Pokemon master is of the Galar region, and who runs the Galar Pokemon League.

Let’s start with the three new Pokemon which are Alcremie, Yamper, Rolycoly., and Duraludon. Alcremie is a tiny fairy type creature that looks like it is made of cream. Well, it kind of is and in lore chefs use the cream produced by Alcremie to sweeten desserts. Yamper is an electric puppy creature that generates electricity by running around. It has the ability Ball Fetch where Yamper will retrieve the first failed ball thrown at a wild Pokemon, as long as Yamper isn’t holding anything.

RolyColy is a coal rock type Pokemon and has the ability Steam Engine. If it gets hit by fire or water attacks its speed will increase. In lore, RolyColy was popular before electricity as coal would drop off its body allowing people to heat their homes. It is still used now as its eye acts like a torch in dark areas. Duraludon is a steel/dragon type Pokemon and it doesn’t appear to have a special ability. It’s 5’11’ though so will be quite imposing. In lore, Duraludon is susceptible to rusting and often fights Tyranitar for territory.

When it comes to Sword and Shield exclusives this is what has been confirmed so far. Larvitar and Goomy are Shield exclusive while Deino and Jangmo-o are Sword exclusive. Both versions of the game will contain different gym leaders as well. The gym leaders include Milo who favour grass types, Nessa prefers water types, Bea is an expert of fighting types and will be exclusive to Sword, while Allister is a ghost type trainer and will be present in Shield.

Gigantamaxing was also revealed today which is a rarer type of Dynamax. Dynamax Pokemon do grow in size and can be more powerful, but Gigantamaxing Pokemon are even bigger, more powerful and change the appearance. Only certain Pokemon will be able to carry out this ability and it depends if you catch one that will either Dynamax of Gigantamax. So far Alcremie, Corviknight, and Dreadnaw are confirmed species that can do it.

The Champion of the Galar region is Leon and he has never lost a battle. His main Pokemon appears to be Charizard. Along with Leon are Chairman Rose who runs the Galar Pokemon League and also endorsed Leon when he was starting out. There’s also Oleana, Rose’s secretary and vice-president of Rose’s company.

Source: Pokemon Official Site

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